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Hunched Over All Day? Posture Corrector Roseville is here to help!

Healthy posture is the proper alignment of the body parts supported with the right amount of muscle tension against gravity. Our everyday movements and activities can affect this alignment and stress joints and muscles, sometimes resulting in pain and potentially permanent damage if left unchecked over time. Utilizing posture corrector exercises with supine posture Roseville can help prevent these problems.

The manner of how we hold, move, and position our bodies every single day, even while merely sitting at a desk or standing in place, can significantly impact our posture.

Here are some tips to avoid poor posture:

While sitting at a desk:

  • Always keep your feet resting on the floor or a footrest whenever they do not reach the bottom.

  • Do not cross your legs. The ankles must be directly placed in front of your knees.

  • You also need to keep a small gap between the back of your knees and the front of your seat.

  • You need to put your knees at or below the level of your hips.

  • You must adjust the backrest of your chair for back support.

  • Release tension on your shoulders and keep your forearms parallel to the ground.

  • You must avoid sitting in the same position for long periods. Take note that you can take breaks and move your body.

When standing:

  • Primarily bear your weight on the balls of your feet.

  • You also need to keep the knees slightly bent.

  • You can also keep your feet to a shoulder-width apart.

  • Let loose. You may hang both arms naturally down the sides of your body.

  • Pull down your shoulder and backward, then stand straight and tall. And, tuck your stomach in.

  • You can shift your weight starting from your toes to your heels.

When lying down in bed:

  • Look for and use only the mattress that is perfect for you.

  • You also need to choose the right pillow. This may help with postural problems resulting from poor sleeping habits and positions.

  • You may sleep on your side or back. This is helpful for back pain. And, while you sleep on your side, you can place a pillow between your legs.

How to improve your posture at work

  • When seated, always keep the back straight. If you sit for long periods of shifts, you should support the lower back against the end of the chair with a small rolled-up towel.

  • Do not sit in a hunched position, such as when using a laptop or desktop computer. Be sure to get up and move around regularly to alter the body position.

  • If your job requires a lot of repetitive tasks, lifting, or bending, you may ask your employer for training in the correct way to accomplish tasks in this manner.

  • Does your job need you to spend a lot of time on the telephone? You can avoid the risk of phone strain by looking for a headset. This is more comfortable than resting a phone on your shoulder all day long; and twisting your neck just to keep the call.

How to improve posture when driving

  • Always make sure that your car seat and headrest are positioned correctly. This is to promote safe and comfortable driving.

  • The steering wheel must also be adjusted to level with your chest, not to the face. Just keep those arms bent and thumbs on the rim of the steering wheel. You also need to keep the seat reasonably upright so your back and shoulders are supported.

  • Then, sit deep in the seat. Brace your body with your left foot.


Posture Corrector Roseville will provide personalized posture corrector exercise sessions to keep your posture in good condition. We also have Sports Chiropractor Roseville. For inquiries, call us today.

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